Thursday, May 28, 2009

Try Me

After Wednesday's meeting, I fished the first bridge on the Flat River.  Fish were rising here and there sporadically to emergers, and I caught two fish on size 14 soft hackle flies.  Paul Pezza arrived while I was fishing and caught 6 fish in less than a half an hour on his Chocolate Hare's Ear.

Recipe for Chocolate Hare's Ear

Hook:  Size 10 to 18, 1 or 2x
Thread:  Red
Tail:  Pheasant tail fibers 
Body:  Chocolate brown (Pheasant tail fibers for size 16 and under)
Rib:  Copper or gold wire (he prefers copper)
Thorax:  Chocolate brown
Wing case:  Brown Turkey quill
Legs:  Pheasant tail fibers

He has great success casting this to rising fish.

Dick Pearce

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